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Right-Energy® Florida


Combine Right-Energy® Florida with the #1 ACCA certified Manual J load  calculation solution to generate Florida 2014 Energy Code compliance reports in a single easy-to-use program. 


Featuring easy to use, drag-and-drop inputs, Right-Energy® eliminates painful surface by surface data entry. This new module is fully integrated with our Manual J, D and S software modules in Right-Suite® Universal, enabling users to easily meet requirements for Florida 2014 Energy Code in a single solution with Wrightsoft’s state of the art hourly simulator.


Key features include:

  • Combines system design (Manual J Load Calculations and Manual D Duct Designs) with code compliance into one solution.
  • Integrated with Right-Suite Universal software = no duplicated inputs
  • Includes Energy Conservation Code Documentation Checklist, a Form 405 Report, EPL Display Card and Mandatory Requirements, as well as a checklist for prerequisites for the Performance Method.
  • State of the art hourly building energy simulator
  • Use for Low Energy Design as well as Code Compliance
  • System Design and Code Compliance in one program
  • Meets Florida 2014 Energy Code requirements*

* Approved September of 2017 for Performance Method, New Consutruction, Single-Family Houses.

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