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Detailed Energy Analysis for Any Residential Building

Right-Energy® performs a detailed energy analysis, including energy use and fuel costs for heating and air conditioning equipment, water heating equipment, appliances, and lighting. The analysis uses stepped fuel rates, hourly heat loads, and hourly usage schedules. Building heating and cooling loads are adjusted using detailed lighting and appliance gains. In Right-Energy, you can compare the energy usage of up to 4 cases at once, representing both low and high efficiency equipment to demonstrate to your customer the value of high efficiency equipment in their home.

You can define Cases that represent a set of conditions for the energy analysis. These Cases are saved in a Library that is available to all Right-Suite Universal projects. The Case is also saved in each project that uses it.

You can also define and save in the same library and in projects:

Utility Rates Rates can vary between 2 or 4 seasons or can be constant over the entire year. Each season can have multiple rate steps that you define. Fuel adjustments, taxes, etc. can also be defined in the Rate.
Thermostat Setpoint Schedules You can specify when the thermostat temperature is set back or up and to what temperature. There is one schedule for cooling and one for heating. The setpoints can be set every hour.
Usage Schedules You can specify usage patterns that can be applied to appliances and lighting. The usage can be set every hour.
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The Results section shows the energy cost for each case and illustrates the component costs in a chart. You can compare first year cost, first year savings, initial cost, and monthly fuel cost by selecting them from a color key.


The Case Details screen contains a table of cases that have been defined in the project and library.

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