Our Technologies

Our Technologies

Wrightsoft has been the leading innovator in the HVAC software industry since the beginning. For over 25 years, we have continued to develop the latest technologies that set our Right-Suite software apart from the others. Learn more about each of these technologies:

Hotlink Technology

Connects all of our Right-Suite® modules so that a change made in one area is updated in all the others.
What it means to you: real-time and automatic results.

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HVAC Shapes

Wrightsoft's smart HVAC Shapes store all of the information you need in a single object, including material types, dimensions and other settings.
What it means to you: drag-and-drop design in the fastest HVAC software.

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Layered Materials Technology

Our latest innovation, Layered Materials Technology lets you build your material from the outside-in.
What it means to you: your values are set no matter what material you have or what calculation method you use.

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Our database system stores manufacturer and equipment data and can be instantly updated through the program.
What it means to you: have the latest equipment and manufacturer data with the click of a button.

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